The MUARC was founded back in 1965 in Portadown, Co. Armagh, although it was then known as the Mid-Ulster RSGB Group.

In 1982 a constitution was drafted and the Club became RSGB affiliated - and it then became known by its current name.

In the same year, the Club acquired the callsign GI3VFW - which was that of Stanley Eakins SK.

The special-event callsign was GN3VFW

The Club meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month (ex. July/August) in the Brownlow Resource Centre, Brownlow Road,Craigavon. Located  on the same site as the Leisure Centre and Library, about 3.5 miles from junction 10 of the M1.




During the 2005/6 season the Club made an application for funding under the 'Awards For All' Lottery Grant scheme, and was successfull in securing £4550 for field equipment and training materials.

Pictured recently outside the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Oxford Island (the MUARC Rally QTH) are (left to right) Peter Lowrie (MI5JYK) RSGB Regional Manager, Angus Annan (MM1CCR) RSGB President, John McCabe (GI0KUH) MUARC Chairman, Steve Murray (2I0SGM) MUARC Secretary, and Davy Gregg (MI3IRZ) MUARC Treasurer. The Certificate being held by Angus Annan refers to the Grant Award.


Early 2007 saw the delivery of the first consignment of field equipment bought using our grant money.

Pictured above (2nd from left) is MUARC Treasurer Davy Gregg (MI3IRZ) handing over a cheque on behalf of the Club to Jim Bob Trainor of JBT Trading for some of our new equipment. Also in the photograph are (extreme left) Club member Jim Lappin (GI0OND) and (extreme right) Steve Murray (2I0SGM) MUARC Secretary.


In december 2008 the club was again awarded lottery funding to purchase a display trailer to promote amateur radio to the wider community, and recived delivery of this in january, when the trailer was officially launched by the Mayor of Craigavon, in Brownlow Resource Centre, with a live link through echolink to Harvey KB2EA in New York.


In March 2010 the club welcomed the issuing of a new call sign - MN0VFW.  The change had been decided by members at a previous meeting due to administrative difficulties, and that GI3VFW would be kept as our historical call sign, due to its significant and long history with the club.